Hi everyone,

I’m home! I arrived back in Winnipeg on Friday evening and am just now getting over the jet lag. I taught my first class at the university yesterday and have another one today.

I’m happy to report that my lantern turned out successfully and it was quite exciting to see it lit up on the last night of the festival, along with all the other lanterns that managed to make it to the finishing line. They all looked really great! I never did put that wooden backing on and am glad I didn’t. It seemed quite sturdy enough once I reinforced some of the bracing in the back.

No time to elaborate at the moment, but I do want to thank everyone back home for their unflagging support and encouraging words. I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to write personal emails, but I really appreciated everyone’s messages and comments. I look forward to seeing you all real soon. And thanks to all my new friends in Taiwan — I miss you all and hope to see you again!

Bye for now,