I’ve received a Creative Works Grant from the University of Manitoba to spend time working at AssentWorks, the new fabrication and prototyping facility in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. I’ve hired a former student of mine, Eric Au, to be my technical assistant. Eric returned to Winnipeg recently from Calgary, where he received his M.E.Des (ID). I’m very pleased to be working with him. As always, I’m also grateful to my collaborator Michael Zajac for his technical expertise.

While at AssentWorks, I’m learning to use the wide array of fabrication and prototyping equipment available there and experimenting with new processes, including vacuum-forming, laser cutting, CNC milling, 3-D printing and using the plasma cutter for metal. Here you can see my first experiences with vacuum forming and laser cutting – making models for new tree bases from which to make plaster moulds.

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