I was honoured to be one of four panelists invited to speak about “3D Printing: Uses, Materials, and Challenges” at the Video Pool Media Arts Centre on November 30, 2019. Our panel was part of an innovative series of presentations organized by Creative Manitoba that address the intersection of design, art, and digital tech. Video of the panel Q&A.

Participants Christopher Kematch, Grace Nickel, Erika Lincoln, and Marney Stapley (l to r).

“Merging Mindsets: 3D Printing: Uses, Materials, and Challenges,” The Outpost, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, panelist Grace Nickel with Marney Stapley, Erika Lincoln, Christopher Kematch, moderated by Thom Sparling, Executive Director of Creative Manitoba, organized by Creative Manitoba with partners New Media Manitoba and Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

About the Merging Mindsets Series: “In cities around the world, the creative arts and interactive digital media sectors are bringing their respective skills together to imagine and create exciting new events, art and products – merging digital technologies with artistic practice. In Manitoba, we’re ready to showcase what our vibrant arts community and interactive digital media sector can do together” —Creative Manitoba.

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