Grace Nickel’s Ceramic Memorial to Point Pleasant Park. April 11 to May 25, 2008, Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Devastatus Rememorari. Photo by Steve Farmer.

Devastatus Rememorari, 2008, dimensions 2 m × 3.5 m × 7.5 m,
porcelain (with terra sigillata, oxide, and glaze), salt.

Text and photographs from the exhibition catalogue
Foreword – Susan MacAlpine Foshay, Director, Mary E. Black Gallery
Devastatus Rememorari – Sandra Alfoldy PhD
Artist’s Statement – Grace Nickel
Biography – Grace Nickel
Devastatus Remorari catalogue, p 1
Devastatus Remorari catalogue, p 1

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©Mary E. Black Gallery
Photography: Steve Farmer
Text: Sandra Alfoldy, Grace Nickel, Susan MacAlpine Foshay
Design: Jackie Kelly
Elizabeth and Darrel Pink in honour of Anne Mullaly and Ruth Pink
NSCAD University
Manitoba Arts Council
Elissa Barnard, “Seeing the forest for the trees: Nickel’s elegy of ceramics, salt, text, reflects on ruin of Juan, reconstruction,” in The Chronicle Herald, Thursday, May 22, 2008.

Devastatus Rememorari is dedicated to my dear friend Sheena Lennox 1965–2007. The spirit of her strength and courage will stay with me always. Grace Nickel.