Hi Everyone,

Just checked the Winnipeg weather. Yikes! It’s 30 degrees here today! It’s going to be a huge adjustment when I back to the Peg! Michael, please bring a parka and boots to the airport with you — I’ll be in sandals!

Well, it’s week 2 and time is speeding along. Although I always love the time warp that occurs when you’re travelling. Time seems to have little meaning to me over here. One day merges into another as we’ve all established a routine of non-stop work — we have to finish building our large lanterns by Sunday, so things are pretty “full on” as the Australian would say!

My piece is coming along well, but we are all experiencing the anxieties that come with unfamiliar clay, new glaze materials, new kilns, fast drying times and the general angst that working at a large scale in clay brings! Things pretty much have to work out since our pieces are to be displayed at the Yingge Ceramics Festival which opens on October 31st. The President of Taiwan will be there to open the festival. The pressure’s on!

I’ve been working hard since I last wrote, but we did manage to fit in a trip to Tainan to go to the hardware store. I’m afraid our concerns are rather practical right now, as we try to figure out the electrical needs of our individual lanterns and the hanging and display hardware required. I’m keeping mine pretty basic.

I also went to a Taiwanese night market on the weekend. Incredible — I shopped a lot (great deals on clothing, sun glasses, jewellery, etc.) and I saw a python swallowing a chicken whole! I was so stunned, repulsed and fascinated, I completely forgot to take a picture. You have to see it to believe it!

Also went to a wonderful concert last night here on campus — traditional music with a woman playing the zheng and a student orchestra playing all sorts of Chinese instruments, including the ur hu (I have no idea how to spell this).

I just noticed the time and have to dash to get to the cafeteria on time. I’ve discovered that they have daily specials (I’m tired of the buffet already) and it’s always a challenge to figure out what the special is and to order it — I’m never sure of what I’ll be getting — surprise! So far, so good!

I’ll write again soon. Oh, by the way, I just heard today that my work has been accepted into Taiwan’s first ceramic biennale — oops — I just may have to return in February!

Bye for now… take care everyone.


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  • Best of luck with your piece – Iam sure you have it under control – by the way who is the president of Taiwan? As michael said its been gorgeous here the last few days – we will try and save some good weather for when you return. News today in Winnipeg is the deathof Izzy Asper – may mark a shift in philanthropic activity in town. congratulations on being accepted into Taiwan

  • Today the weather is really beautiful, Grace (although you may not want to come home in sandals in November). It’s sunny with a perfectly clear, deep blue sky. All the leaves have turned, but it’s been calm so they’re still on the trees. It’s very warm, but the sun only gets up to about 35

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