Grace is probably fast asleep in Yingge as I write this. I spoke to here yesterday (almost two days ago, thanks to the Earth’s never-ceasing rotation). She was about to begin the final firing of her work, and preparing for the Yingge County Ceramics Festival, near Taipei.

Firing large work is nerve-wracking because any miscalculation or an act of God can cause warping, cracking, or other kinds of destruction. But Grace is an expert here — I just hope to hear how it went very soon.

I’ve updated the weather box to display data from Chiang Kai-Shek Airport near Taipei, and the map link now points to Yingge (Ying-ko).

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  • Hi Grace!
    Just your old brother Rob emailing you from BC Canada to let you know I’ve been keeping up with your weblog and have been reading your entries with much fasination! The thing’s you get yourself involved in little sister, truly alway’s do amaze me, and at time’s it’s hard to imagine this as being the same Grace Nickel I knew, when we were still kid’s? Go get em Grace! We’re all behind you 100%! And you can be sure of the pride we feel knowing the calibur of work your producing these day’s too! Your last Winnipeg show was incredible and I’m sure your work there in the east is equaly breath taking. Best of luck and see you soon, Ok?

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