Here are some photos of each of the Canadian artists at work. You’ll get some idea of the direction their work is taking. Some artists have fully embraced the collaboration between art and industry, starting with factory forms, and taking advantage of all the materials, equipment (such as the giant extruders), technical expertise and assistance available on site, while others have taken more subtle approaches to incorporating the China experience at Fuping, often introducing new motifs or elements into work that they have been pursuing in their careers at home and are continuing to develop here, but with a new twist to it in the way of using the beautifully rich clay bodies available to us here at the tile factory for example, or planning to use the three-colour Tang glazes that this part of China is famous for. Both tactics are equally inspiring and equally interesting. Photos of me and my work in progress will appear later.

Susan Collett, Toronto, OntarioKatrina Chaytor, Calgary, Alberta

Susan Collett, Toronto, Ontario, and Katrina Chaytor, Calgary, Alberta

Jim Thomson, Ottawa, OntarioCharley Farrero, Meacham, Saskatchewan

Jim Thomson, Ottawa, Ontario, and Charley Farrero, Meacham, Saskatchewan

Les Manning, Medicine Hat, AlbertaSally Michener, Vancouver, British Columbia

Les Manning, Medicine Hat, Alberta, and Sally Michener, Vancouver, British Columbia

Ann Mortimer, Toronto, OntarioAnn Roberts, Waterloo, Ontario

Ann Mortimer, Toronto, Ontario, and Ann Roberts, Waterloo, Ontario

Gilbert Poissant, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec

Gilbert Poissant, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec

interpreters Guo Wei and Wong, Fuping, China

Our interpreters, Guo Wei and Wong, Fuping, China

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  • Grace I enjoyed your tour of the Ceramics Museum In Fuping. I hope you will be able to post more pictures of the Canadian artists work and maybe the opening ceremonies of the Museum. The whole artistic adventure seems very exciting, cheers Lea

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